48 Hours With Z

July 19, 2019
October Ugbe
Ugbe Music
Producer: Zeeko
Number of discs: 1

October spends 48 Hours with one of Africa’s gifted producer,  ZEEKO, only to record these awesome jams you sure won’t hate. Hence the title “48 Hours with Z”.

48 Hours With Z is a 6 track EP with hot jams of both African and international styles. Starting off with “Mmanwu“, a song of highlife and luxury; a blend of highlife and RnB. Who does that? Of course October Ugbe does! Great record.

Jaga Jaga follows on No. 2. Afrobeats with so much rigorous lyric backed up with truth. Exposing what currently is going on in the country, Nigeria.

The next track, Mariya, isn’t really different from Jaga Jaga but UNIQUE. Mariya is a song against what ladies of today do with their body just for the money. If you are a fan of Mexican and Spanish music, you sure are going to love this one. It also has a blend of RnB as this seems to be October’s base genre. (atleast that is what I know 😁).

Melons, comes on at No. 4 on the EP. A bit 18+ lyrical content. Explicit! But in a really matured and acceptable way in which no one is left out of the groove. Some feel of old-school style is infused to make it a song you would want to put on repeat.

STREAM EP: October Ugbe – “48 Hours With Z” (Spotify)

If you enjoyed Tracks 1 thru to 4, then you should know 5 is a banger! Afropop you won’t be disappointed in. “some other nights” will make you do the dutty whine and the vibe, will make you feel alright. A mix of Pidgin English and Queen’s  English spiced up with some Yoruba’s here and there. Fine tune if you ask me.

Superwoman, being the last song on this project, is truly there for a purpose. A blend of popular songs we have all enjoyed in the past combined in one record.

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