Spiritual Vibe

September 25, 2019
October UGBE
UGBE Music
Number of discs: 1

Another afrobeats from the Tradosonic master himself. Released 25/09/2019.

In an attempt to live life, don’t leave life by trying to be like someone else, comparing yourself with another man is downgrading yourself, you are you and would always be a genius you just have to find your own kingdom to be a king in it.
Also no one can fight evil with evil, sending corruption after corruption would only bring about explosion. The mess of our society is led by those you aspire to be like, they are sharks and we are all swimming in an ocean of corruption, tilapias can’t help that neither would chasing smaller sharks do.
We have to stop DEMON’S CRACY and DEMOCRAZY and start DEMOCRACY. True democracy fights as a family not as a separated people fighting and wanting to be better than each other in ways that showcase riches and material gains, that’s not the goal of my idol Fela and it is a direct opposite with the weapon of the future “music”. Although I myself doubt if democracy will ever work, I believe self development will lead to environmental prosperity. Before we demo make we relax, meditate and create.

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